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  • Vampyr



    Every Dryer film takes something or the other to its fringes and gifts cinema with something new. Not all artists approach filmmaking with such respect. Dreyer easily surpasses anyone who have tried to do what he did at a time when cinema was still in its juvenile form. And I don't think any living master or an unborn master will surpass his artistry. Carl Theodore Dreyer won my heart, one of my top 3 filmmakers.
    To imagine a film likeโ€ฆ

  • Nashville



    How Robert Altman shot and edited Nashville was very unique, and he really did put a lot of love into making his characters as obvious as it is. At a point of time, it gives away a sense of vastness, kaleidoscopic details, very "cartoon"ishly textured narrative all at once. This work reminded me of Jacques Tati for some reason (maybe for its refusal to be about something but everything). This connection is hardly objective but a personal observation that wasโ€ฆ

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  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    Pacino don't have to do anymore. The guy is God. I'm convinced.

  • Ran



    Flawless is the word. Everything from the performances (namely Tatsuya Nakadai), the camera work, set design, art direction, costume design and the sound design to Kurosawa's unparalleled vision as a director is flawless. This is a film that ticks all the of the boxes as far as the craft is concerned. A film like Ran redefined and perfected Kurosawa's age old techniques. The way he shot war and his orderly chaos in large numbers were already perfected in his 1954โ€ฆ