Dunkirk ★★★★½

Watched in IMAX 70mm

Seeing Dunkirk in IMAX 70mm is like an entirely new experience. Technically, I didn't even see this in IMAX. It's "OMNINAX." Anyway, this is the way to watch this movie. Every sound made my heart beat faster, every intense scene felt real and personal, everything just felt more cinematic. I was literally sucked into the movie as the screen was all around me. The wides of the sea was some of the most beautiful imagery I've seen on a screen. Every shot overwhelmed me, making me feel like I was on that beach, in the air, drowning in the water. It's honestly one of the most breathtaking film experiences I've ever had. If you watch this, try your best to see it in IMAX 70mm. The longer drive was completely worth it.

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