Shoeshine ★★★★½

This can be added to the new list, "Vittorio De Sica films that make me depressed as hell." This is an extremely powerful film. The performances, especially from the two main leads, are almost unreal to be totally honest. They never starred in a single film before this, but they give performances as if they've been doing this for years. It blows my damn mind. The film is also beautifully directed and shot to perfection. Italian Neo-Realism is one of my favorite Era's of film because of movies like Shoeshine. This is an unbelievably tragic, realistic tale of consequences. The ending is just so heartbreaking to watch. It's a perfectly plotted film, every character feels written to match their personality. There's no inconsistency, and it's done with so much craft and heart. I think some of the sound design and editing was a bit off, and I understand it's an old film. But, that's about my only gripe here. I loved this movie. It's absolutely outstanding.