Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver ★★★★★

I haven't watched Taxi Driver in at least a year, and that was the first-time I watched it. 

So why has it been so long? 

I honestly have no idea. 

This is one of the most important films ever made. 

It captures loneliness, depression, love, friendship, and insanity. 

I love this movie. 

I love it so much. 

One of my favorite parts is probably how Scorsese captures New York. He doesn't portray as a flawless dream of a place, he portrays it as a shithole filled with stink and sweat. That's one of my favorite things about this film, you always get this uneasy feeling because you have no idea what the city can hold. 

Robert De Niro gives one of the greatest performances of all time as Travis Bickle. That rage, that loneliness that spreads throughout him is perfectly conveyed by De Niro. 

The ending is shocking. Instead of being remembered as the guy who shot the 'president,' he became the guy that saved a girl from a disgusting prostitution ring. 

Travis Bickle is a good person, he sometimes doesn't know how to be though. 

I love this movie to absolute death. It means so many things. 

Scorsese is life. 

You talkin' to me?

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