Tenet ★★★

So whilst this was good it has quite a lot of negatives to it. My biggest issue is the lack of emotion, it worked in Dunkirk but it doesn’t here. we should be connected to the characters that are trying to save the word yet I couldn’t care less about them. 

The exposition dumps is just an issue I have with Nolan in general. There were few uses of smart exposition in this movie, the majority of the time it was just dumped on us. 

The sound mixing was really bad, some of the worst sound mixing in recent years I’d say. I could just about hear what they were saying but every scene was dominated by the music which in itself was nothing special, it literally turns into dubstep at one point like BRUH. There’s probably only like one piece of music throughout the film I can confidently say I really like. The rest was just really not special and lacked any flavour. 

But onto the positives now. 

Whilst I wasn’t emotionally invested in the characters they were still pretty fun to watch, especially Bruce Wayn- I mean Neil. 

The third act was pretty amazing and it helped me to settle it as a good movie. 

This is probably one of the biggest scaled films I’ve ever witnessed, Nolan has huge talent for these kind of blockbusters especially with his uses of the camera. 

Overall, this is very flawed but a blast to watch. Nolan definitely didn’t ‘do it again’ but he definitely made a good movie.

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