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  • The Belko Experiment

    The Belko Experiment


    I LOVED IT!! Omg, I know I shouldn't, I know it's not good but it cracked me up too much.

    Favourite line:
    "Some of these people are dicks!"

  • Unforgettable



    What a missed opportunity for something fantastic!! I still enjoyed it, I'm just frustrated it wasn't better. There's only so many times I can handle watching someone in grave danger NOT CALL THE POLICE OR GO GET HELP

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  • Friend Request

    Friend Request


    I expected this to be a LOT worse than it actually was. Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty bad film but at least I wasn't bored! Remove the jump scares and youre left with a cyber-mystery with no real conclusion. Definitely a wait-till-its-on-Neflix kinda "horror"

    Video review:

  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    This film made me feel sick.