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  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket


    I watched this at home with my dad back in 1987. And during the boot camp scenes, I was cracking up. I couldn't understand how the recruits weren't doubling over laughing all the time. My dad simply said, when it is happening to you, it isn't all that funny.

    We both had a big laugh about how I would never have to worry about that, because I would never be stupid enough to join the Marines.

    We were . .…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    I need to watch this movie about three more times to wrap my head around everything.

    It's one long Easter Egg tribute to the entire series, and I loved every minute of it!

    GO SEE IT!

    You can hear my wife and son and I talking all about it on The Film Grouch Show Podcast

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  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Call a terrorist a fucking terrorist!

    Has all of Hollywood fallen to the Marxist mafia?

    They had an opportunity to make Morgenthau sympathetic, but they blew it when they showed her deliberately (and unnecessarily) kill those GRC workers. Most of them were not even soldiers, but people trying to help.

    Disney/Marvel would have these workers be equivalent to war lords, hording food from people.

    Also, this series was over-long, over-stuffed, and filled with finger-wagging lectures that made no sense.

  • kid 90

    kid 90


    I grew up glued to the boob tube watching Alf, The A-Team, all the shows you would guess, and yes, even Punky Brewster.

    She is only two years younger than I am, and I came from a non-traditional family (whatever that means anymore). So, I appreciated the not-so-subtle messages of overcoming adversity and persevering through the more difficult, emotional times in life.

    I never unironically shouted out "Punky Power," thankfully.

    Let's face it, Punky was adorable. But that was just…

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    The first Tarantino film I actually saw in the theater.

    There was a ton of dead screen in this movie, but somehow it didn't irk me as much as I was thinking it would. Like, how many solid minutes can you show people just driving in cars listening to music?

    And, this was like a moving mosaic, mural of 1969, that was more art than entertainment. Still, once you get past that, the story was solid, the acting superb, for…

  • Brightburn



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I have heard from some people that the "dark Superman" thing has been done to death, but as far as my exposure all I remember is the gruff looking guy in Superman III who was hitting on Lex Luthor's lady.

    Unlike Batman vs. Superman (which was a failure) Brightburn totally made the case for why Batman was worried about Superman on a lethal level.

    See, if one day Clark Kent either just snaps or it dawns on him (ha ha)…