Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood ★★★★

The first Tarantino film I actually saw in the theater.

There was a ton of dead screen in this movie, but somehow it didn't irk me as much as I was thinking it would. Like, how many solid minutes can you show people just driving in cars listening to music?

And, this was like a moving mosaic, mural of 1969, that was more art than entertainment. Still, once you get past that, the story was solid, the acting superb, for the most part, although the amount of times I was painfully aware I was watching DiCaprio act was...painful.

Overall, I can't stop thinking about this movie, so that is always a win for a filmmaker. And I swear to God, I thought both Rick and Cliff were real people that existed: fantastic characters, that will become cinematic icons for the ages.

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