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  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    Honestly feels a bit like false advertising. I obviously didn't expect it to be an off the walls type Jackie Chan film, but rather something more gritty with more thrills. I didn't expect Jackie Chan's character to take such a backseat to what is essentially a political thriller film.

    The problem is, the plot is a bit too obvious with it's twisty nature. Characters are revealed to be bad much too soon, betrayals are obvious and never shock you. This…

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Suffers from a lot of expected movie tropes, but has just enough directorial flare to prop itself up on.

    I'm more excited for how it establishes a Godzilla VS King Kong fight. But I'm more of a Godzilla guy so I hope he fucks Kong up.

    Bonus points for John C. Reilly wearing a jacket that doubles as both a reference to Akira and Dr. Steve Brule. SWEET BEERY WINE!

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  • Nightcrawler



    If you're looking for an absolutely amazing character study of a sociopath, Nightcrawler is exactly what you need. This is the directorial debut of Dan Gilroy, and while you can see areas where he needs to tighten up his work, overall it's extremely impressive.

    Probably the most impressive part of this film is the performances and writing. The films characters are very well written, and the actors completely deliver it perfectly. Jake Gyllenhaal gives an Oscar worthy performance in my…

  • The Fault in Our Stars

    The Fault in Our Stars


    I know that since this movie is based on a book that is read by many teenage girls, the movie is bound to get people scoffing at it and writing it off, and I understand that. I myself expected to see some cheesy stuff that made me cringe at how hard it tries to be deep or sad. But I go into films wanting to enjoy them, and i'm not going to be an idiot and pretend like I didn't…