Chinatown ★★★★

It's timely that I found a copy of this on bluray, as I have been watching season 2 of True Detective and had heard somebody compare it to this film. I can see why, with the shady land deals thing going on.

I will say that I would have rated this half a star less if it wasn't for that amazing ending. The film felt a bit slow for the first hour, and occasionally was a little lacking in the intrigue at times for me. But it does all come together towards the end in an interesting and shocking way. That's where the film shines big time for me. Jack Nicholson is great, the cinematography is great, the costumes and design is great, and I can see why the script get's praise. But honestly, it's not quite the masterpiece to me that other people see it as. But that's ok. I get why it's a classic to some, it's just not completely my thing.

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