Sorcerer ★★★★

Friedkin sure knows how to make a unique and strange film, doesn't he?

Sorcerer is one of those Heart Of Darkness kind of tales, with the characters finding themselves slowly slipping into the madness of their situation. It's certainly a film that couldn't be made today, with scenes like the truck on the bridge being done practically, rather than with CGI like it would have been done today. It just feels really intense overall because of the realism.

There's a lot of great cinematography here, with certain shots really standing out, and the entire truck on the bridge scene as I mentioned before being incredibly well shot and full of tenseness.

I feel like I might enjoy this even more on a second viewing, like I did with To Live And Die In L.A., but even on a first viewing there was a lot to impress me. It's certainly a unique film worth seeing.

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