Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

“This is the girl.”

Such a joy to be able to see this for the first time in a theater! Thank you so much to the Loft Cinema for your continuously exceptional programming, you’re keeping the art of cinema alive! David Lynch would be proud.

As for the film, I’m kind of speechless. It was one of those rare and wonderful experiences of watching a movie and realizing you’re falling head over heels in love with it more and more as each scene comes and goes. I truly cannot wait to watch it again (I will be buying the criterion IMMEDIATELY) and try to piece together more of the puzzle.

What stood out so much to me on a first viewing was its emphasis on artifice. From a slow zoom out from what initially appears to be a recording booth but is actually a film set to the scene in the Silencio where even though we are told the sounds are just recordings we believe wholeheartedly that the singer is truly performing, we are constantly reminded that nothing in Mulholland Drive is as it seems. 

It is a challenging, petrifyingly scary, riveting ride of a film and it’s a drive I can’t wait to take again and again.

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