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  • Dead of Night

    Dead of Night


    Just a early great portmanteau horror. If you aren't freaked out by ventriloquist dummies before, then you will be now. A must watch for horror fans.

  • Escapes



    This must have been a pilot for some ill conceived Outer Limits rip off, I can’t believe this would have got a theatrical release. They’ve leaned heavily into Vincent Price being in it, but it’s so minimal it’s barely worth mentioning. No linking between the stories and a wrap around that doesn’t make sense. Love anthology and portmanteaus, but this is a real low point.

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  • Mara



    For a film about staying awake, it has a great way of sending you to sleep. Dull, generic Ringu rip off with a wafer thin plot. Couldn’t wait for it to finish.

  • Abrakadabra



    A love letter to Argento and Bava. Hyperstylised to look like a classic 70’s giallo, incorporating all the tropes that they are famous for. Blood soaked kills make this a great watch.