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  • Spring



    Primarily a love story with extra tentacles. That isn't giving this beautiful film enough credit though. Characters that are completely relatable and compelling, you are thoroughly drawn into Evan's story and the mystery behind Louise background. You find yourself wanting to spend time in there presence, watching the relationship develop. A sorely under watched gem, and testament to the fact that original story telling is still out there, without the need to dust off over used franchises.

  • Blood Quantum

    Blood Quantum


    White men bring death to native Americans...sound familiar. The central premise is an interesting take on an already saturated genre. We start in a native American reserve, where obviously dead things have started to come back to life. A sequence with gutted fish flopping about is particularly effective. There is good dynamics between engaging characters, and you start getting drawn into their back stories. Unfortunately it loses its nerve and jumps ahead 6 months going full The Walking Dead. Characters have become cliché's and you immediately know how things are going to pan out. Disappointing.

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  • Mara



    For a film about staying awake, it has a great way of sending you to sleep. Dull, generic Ringu rip off with a wafer thin plot. Couldn’t wait for it to finish.

  • Abrakadabra



    A love letter to Argento and Bava. Hyperstylised to look like a classic 70’s giallo, incorporating all the tropes that they are famous for. Blood soaked kills make this a great watch.