Avengers: Infinity War ★★★½

One thing is that I think the villain here is one of the better ones. He is powerful and has a clear goal. What takes the movie down a bit for me is how long it is and how many characters it tries to bring in. I just don't care about them all. Vision is one that I've never really gotten much on and they certainly don't manage to do anything interesting at all with that character here. The whole Wakanda showdown is cool, but there are also characters there like Black Panther that get almost nothing at all to work with and they're relying on the viewer just having seen Black Panther's standalone. Which I guess it alright, but I'm just starting to need my movies with just a bit more wrap-up, at least emotionally, and the way they keep building and building and tying together and relying on past and future movies is wearing a bit thin for me now.

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