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This review may contain spoilers.

Since I seriously started getting into movies somewhere around 6 years ago this has been my most anticipated movie ever. The only way to describe how fantastic it is, is to simply say that it not only lived up to my expectations but it rocked them and surpassed them and waved hello the second go around said expectations.

It would be impossible to get around to everything that is perfect here so I'll just mention a couple of standout things that come to mind immediately.

First off, the performances are phenomenal. The good Dr. King is probably one of the deepest characters ever in a Tarantino movie and I feel I've barely scratched the surface on a first watch. His final moment is amazing. DiCaprio delivers his best performance ever. His speech with the skull is mesmerizing and it's a brave performance. Sam Jackson is terrifying with some of his best work in years and Kerry Washington is the heart and soul to this brutal world. The standout though, without a doubt, is Jamie Foxx. People often seem to overlook a leading role with a subtler performance when it is overshadowed by such a fine supporting cast, but Foxx delivers a career-defining performance. He sells every scene, every line, every look and every kill.

The soundtrack is my favorite ever, I think. That can be said of any Tarantino movie, whichever is the latest you've seen so take it with a grain of salt but even so, the way the soundtrack compliments scenes and scenery is fantastic. More so than in any other Tarantino movie I feel the music works with the movie to create something transcendental, I'm thinking specifically of the "Freedom" flashback.

I enjoyed DiCaprio's dirty teeth. Details, ever so important.

Finally, I'm calling it now. The shootout inside Candyland is the best goddamn shootout of all time.

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