Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ★★★★★

I loved pretty much everything about this film. Masterclass in acting, directing, cinematography and especially music. Amazing music. The slow pace works perfectly, letting everything creep up on you. This also makes the violence hit so much harder when something does happen. Comes out of nowhere at times.

They used "less is more" to great effect. You've got to keep your eyes open or you might get lost somewhere along the way. But if you do follow along you will be rewarded.

Need I say anything about the acting? The cast is magnificent, pretty amazing that all of these guys are in the same film. I will say that the standouts are of course Oldman and Hardy, two personal favorites, but along with them is Benedict Cumberbatch. He is pretty fantastic, totally surprised me.

When the last song came on I just smiled and thought to myself, "YES!". Perfect choice that no one would have thought of. Doesn't really fit in but it clicks perfectly.

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