John Wick

John Wick ★★★★½

The Story/The Direction:
John Wick (2014) is about a former assassin whose puppy, given to him from his wife posthumously, is killed by Russian gang members. He then goes on a path of revenge against them.

Firstly, I want that this is one of the best-filmed action movies. The cinematography of the shootout scenes is amazing to watch. This film plays out similar to how a video game is on easy mode, so many headshots. This film was made by two stuntmen and you can clearly see how their work in that field influenced the style of this one. The setting in this film reminded me of Mr. Wolfe from Pulp Fiction. Do you know the guy who helps Jules & Vincent get rid of a body and clean their bloody car? Mr. Wolfe was a professional in what he did and the setting of this film is where he would come from. Everyone knows how to get things done with "dinner reservations." This criminal world is run with such order and organization that they even have their own currency of gold coins (yo-ho an assassin's life for me.....)

The Characters:
Reeves fits well into this role of the quiet introverted hitman that if pushed to the brink will do anything in his power to make sure the mission is complete. His character is extremely sympathized with even though he kills A LOT of people because they develop his story prior to the killing spree. He fits so well into this world of killings that are looked at in such an apathetic manner.

The Flaws:
One big issue that I have with the movie is the opening/ending bit where he drives the van near the animal clinic. All that happens after is he fixes himself up and takes a new dog. What was the point of that to being the opening? It kind of felt anticlimactic as it was built up at the opening then nothing too eventful happens. Yeah, it makes you happy that he gets another dog, but that doesn't validate waiting for the entire movie to see what happens after him driving to this mysterious place...

This film is fun to watch due to its amazing cinematography and action scenes.