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jacob ceris gandy

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  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    The opening scene sets up such a good ticking clock. Jessie has a plane to catch. 
    You know he can’t catch that plane.
    Something has to happen in the interim that changes that. 

    When they talk you realise how they’ve influenced each other in those 9 years apart. The first time they met, Jessie was cynical, now he’s more of a romantic. Céline was hopeful, now she’s a pessimist. 

    Their lives have made them more alike than the last time…

  • Parasite



    watched in a full house, absolute scenes 

    pacing is unbelievable, can completely see why cannes and hollywood are in love, it’s a cannes thematic narrative with the planting and payoff of an oscar winner 

    i’m in love with the idea that this film will be a modern classic, with people revisiting it and studying it for years, makes me hopeful for the future :)