Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★½

brilliant movie 
*i rate things based on how much i enjoy watching things so, brief run down* 

Things this is NOT: 

- citizen kane 
- vertigo 
- pulp fiction (for whatever reason people put this on their best film lists) 
- the godfather 

Things this IS/ DOES:

- a family friendly romp with lots of great dialogue and really simple but like, fun as hell payoff 
- cher sings fernando 
- young harry is a guy that exists and the world is better for it 
- brilliant use of recurring side characters 
- i have such a crush on young rosie 
- fun fact: this film uses the music of swedish pop group, ABBA. they’re very good you should give them a listen sometime 
- it also features the best ABBA song: One of Us
- did i mention Cher sings Fernando 

side note: 
forgot to mention the fact that the actual musical numbers are shot incredibly well
when/ if you watch this remember that the emotional effect of that scene is achieved through the fact it’s cross cut!

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