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  • Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

    Puppet Master: Axis of Evil


    8 years after its release I finally sat down and gave "Axis of Evil" another shot's so underwhelming. Although it has the best production design of the Axis trilogy and DeCoteau makes great use out of the 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio "Axis of Evil" is the weakest because it's so damn boring. The puppets, who look like shit in all 3 Axis movies, barely get anything to do until the end and even than it's nothing special. The leads are…

  • Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke



    -The voice acting was superb. Hamill was FANTASTIC as usual.
    -The animation, for the most part, was solid.
    -The Killing Joke section was very well done.


    -The prologue feels disconnected from the killing joke half of the film. I get why its there but they should've done a better job connecting it to the rest of the film.

    -no spoilers but a particular incident in the prologue was weird and awkward. It didn't piss me off like it…

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  • Demon Wind

    Demon Wind


    90's horror flick about a young man and his friends who visit an old shack in the middle of nowhere to investigate the mysteries of his past. He soon discovers his grandparents dabbled in black magic and demons start to take his friends one by one.

    I saw this in my early teen's and fell in love with it. The cheesy acting, the gore and the demons all hit the spot for me and the film still entertains me. Like a mix mash of Evil Dead and Night of the Demons but with velveeta cheese poured on top.

  • Mosquito



    90's cheesefest about an alien spaceship that dumps some trash into a swamp. When a mosquito begins to suck on one of the discarded alien corpses they begin to grow to the size of vultures.

    I haven't seen this since the 90's but it's still a cheesy good time. Reminds me a lot of a 50's B-flick but with 80's style gore and nudity. The effects for the giant mosquitos are cheesy good and are a mix of practical and stop motion.