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  • Khalid v. Peñate

    Khalid v. Peñate

    Khalid v. Peñate excels in furthering the Luigi story in a beautiful way. I feel like writing a whole essay, or even filming a whole new doc? on the entire arc I tried writing.

    Where KvP fails is its ability to entertain throughout. It’s hard to stay focused through just a conversation between two people on a screen. The “versus” aspect is enjoyable when two people are in each other’s presence, throwing each other’s passion at each other, but that same…



    I’m confused as to my apparent love/hate relationship with what I’ve created. As of now, I really enjoyed being able to revisit this one. Probably the hardest one to make?


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  • Athlete Swinging a Pick

    Athlete Swinging a Pick


    Oh you like movies? Name every single one of them.
    Well buddy, let’s just say I’ll be going one by one starting with ATHLETE SWINGING A PICK 😈😈😈

  • Cuties



    I know people that heavily disliked Fletcher from Whiplash (2014). It’s funny, them not knowing that’s the point.
    I can imagine people disliking The Passion of the Christ (2004) for its horrific imagery. It’s funny, them not knowing it’s what powers the emotion behind the story, visually.
    I’ve heard people say The Shining (1980) was too “slow” and oblivious. It’s funny, them not knowing that’s the point.
    My mother disliked Marriage Story (2019) because she was waiting for them to get…