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  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad



  • The Father

    The Father


    Honestly, I have no idea how I can start this review in the best way possible. I think I'll just begin by saying that this movie is breathtaking. The Father is one of those films where you keep sitting while credits roll and where no matter how hard you try you just can't find anything negative. I mean, yeah, this isn't your classical drama movie but this is a masterpiece. Plus keep in mind... This is a directorial debut. Yet…

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  • Hypnotic



    With the low average, I was expecting something bad, but I still gave it a shot cause I had the feeling I was going to like it. And I did.
    Why everyone seems to hate this? No idea. A simple, nice, and enjoyable popcorn thriller really just doesn't get appreciated anymore if it isn't an Oscar bait with cinematography that blows u away. Is this amazing? No.
    But it has great performances from Ben Affleck and William Fichtner, some nice…

  • Ghosted


    We all know how bad this is but I got to say something about it.

    I was hyped when I knew this was gonna be released. Cause I love Ana and well Evans, not a big fan of him but he's a good actor... Both were horrendous in this.

    The chemistry was off, the story was not interesting and weird. Yet the writers of this wrote some other good films. I don't even know what to say. It feels like a whole crew just didn't even try. I was disappointed by everything in this film. Truly a waste.

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  • Dune



    I'm so glad that I can say this... The hype is real. We didn't (again) wait for a very long time for another disappointment. Dune is a masterpiece. And not your average blockbuster. It's a movie that's interesting for everyone... Teenagers wanna watch the movie because they're obsessed with a few of the cast members. Elders cause they have read the book when they were young. And cinephiles have waited for this movie for so freaking long. I went to…

  • Nomadland



    2021 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominee ┃#3

    Live your best life.
    That is what I learned of Chloé Zhao's new masterpiece.

    Nomadland is a very silent movie but with a strong message. There is dialogue but there also are a lot of very silent scenes. As a person myself who loves good dialogue in film and in real life. I totally didn't mind the silence in this movie. Frances McDormand made it look like it wasn't silence what I…