• The Nun II

    The Nun II

    One of the worst theater experiences ever. Not only because of how terrible 'The Nun II' is, but the audience consisted of these 15-year-old girls who were screaming cause they were so "scared", but just needed attention.
    Maybe I gotta thank them cause I was able to talk shit about them with a friend during this boring sequel, which made for some entertainment.

    I remember a few small things I liked. One is Farmiga, how Valak looks, the goat sequence…

  • About My Father

    About My Father


    Gun to my head to tell what happens in this movie or I get shot... please let me say some final words cause I am gonna die immediately.
    This is one of the most forgettable movies I have ever seen.
    What even took place? No idea. I can't recall many scenes, barely any. Some jokes were fun and De Niro could act but we know that, yet there's nothing special in this, everybody could do it. Besides that. Nothing.

  • Epic



    One of my favorite movies when I was a kid, must have watched this a dozen times. But now I realize my taste when I was a child wasn't the best. Epic is still a very fun film with very creative aspects and lovely world-building but the animation itself lacks and it's noticeable.
    And in the end, it's still a jolly time. Colin Farrel is in it so of course...
    He even rules as a voice actor... what can this man not do?

  • Little Man

    Little Man


    Oh, how I miss these kinds of films. A comedy where logic is thrown out of the window and everything is focused on making the audience laugh with the most out-of-pocket jokes.

    Little Man is by far a good movie it's pretty trash. But it knows what it is and its goal and goes for it and gets crazy. Maybe if I watched it when it came out when there were more like this I would hate it. But right…

  • Sisu



    What I liked most about Sisu were the fresh and creative kills and the ways he survives. It doesn't bore. Yet the story is really just kill and escape. Which is fun for 90 minutes, especially if u like seeing Nazis get what they deserve. But it isn't more than that. It's a rollercoaster you only need to go on for one time. Jorma Tomilla really helped in this and it did have some pretty sights.

  • Life



    This isn't anything new, we have seen it before many times. But it's a fun cast and very entertaining. A good horror film if you are like me and extra-terrestrial beings scare u. And if you're a sci-fi fan u will have a good time even though it's just a copycat of every 'Alien' kind of film.
    But it's worth watching, especially with that great ending.

  • The Fallout

    The Fallout


    The Fallout is not a bad film. Jenna Ortega is a great actress and does a fabulous job and it's well put together, but I'm Belgian and it's hard to resonate with these characters. A school shooting has never happened here and even gun firing is rare, so I only had the acting and writing to give me the same feeling that the kids have. And it was not able to.
    Yet to give someone a feeling and idea of…

  • Reality



    Reality was a fun surprise, having no clue at all what to expect and being kept in the dark about what exactly this was about for a while.
    Seeing Sweeney play a character that isn't a hot and sexy persona is refreshing and I love to see it. Otherwise, maybe all she will be remembered by is her looks. Here she proves she is a great actress of the new generation. Having this film based on real-life transcripts performed verbatim…

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    Like almost every TMNT adaption... it's ass. Yet this one is a guilty pleasure. It's definitely not good but the fight scenes are enjoyable and perfect if u wanna watch a quick dumb action film. The turtles look bad but interesting, and do not look like teenagers but do act like one. Which makes for a weird feeling. They look ugly and would scare people which is a good aspect. Cause that's the intent of them being in the shadows.…

  • Good Boys

    Good Boys


    This movie is comedy gold and I will keep laughing my ass off with this.
    I did notice that the film has less impact when u watch it on your own. But even then it's still so fucking funny. But watching it with people makes it even better. The kids are fabulous and have the chemistry and line delivery then so many other comedic actors who think they are capable of it. "Good Boys" uses recognition to make it funny…

  • Demonic



    According to the ratings, this is shit, but it's a simple well written and acted horror film that I had a good time with. Would recommend watching this in Oktober it's a fun time.

  • Peter Pan & Wendy

    Peter Pan & Wendy


    Woke bullshit.

    Changing races of characters, deleting every scene with the Indians and giving Tiger Lily a hero role, changing every lost boy in some way either to a girl or someone with a handicap purely to be woke. What an absolute trashy idea.

    Seeing the original Peter Pan days before this did not help. The original story is just great and this movie flips it to something ridiculous.
    All the actors were bad and Peter was cast for one…