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  • The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

    The Legend of the Stardust Brothers



    This is what Golan and Globus wanted The Apple to be. But better.

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    Twenty-four years after the Mortal Kombat franchise and human dignity were buried under the earth's mantle with the release of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation we finally got an attempt at a complete reboot of the franchise done during a new fresh era of video game adaptations. And a lot has happened since the release of Annihilation. Video game movies have still had a rough track record with some semi-bright spots in Lara Croft starring Angelina Jolie and the first Silent Hill,…

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  • St. Elmo's Fire

    St. Elmo's Fire

    Charade has often been called the greatest Alfred Hitchcock film NOT made by Alfred Hitchcock. Well I'm here to say that St. Elmo's Fire is the worst John Hughes movie John Hughes never made.

    St Elmo's Fire is supposed to be a coming-of-age film about the whirlwind drama and fear that comes with graduating from college and becoming an independent person. But I feel like Joel Schumacher (Batman & Robin) was way over his head when he made this. This felt…

  • Godzilla



    Well after a long ten year sleep, Godzilla has risen again for the sixtieth anniversary of the monster's inception. This marks the first Godzilla film made in America in sixteen years, and I'm here to ask the question, was it worth the wait?

    This time instead of an established director like Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), we get fresh blood in Gareth Edwards (Monsters) at the helm. The film starts off kind of rocky, with an unoriginal plot about a man…