Day of the Dead ★★★★

***OctHorror Fest 2014*** Day 7

Night of the Living Dead molded the look and instincts of the zombie. Dawn of the Dead extended that further by giving the undead a more living quality to them and it upped the stakes and the production values majorly. Day of the Dead is the finale in this classic trilogy, and it ends it with a bang.

First off, I'd like to say that I place Day of the Dead in a close third. I still think this is one of the best trilogies ever made, but it does have a few minor problems. The most major being the inclusion of the predecessors to Bulk and Skull, of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, in Steele and Rickles. These two chuckle heads do nothing but taunt and insult other characters and act like raving maniacs most of the time. Really these guys should just be wearing signs that say "Lunch" and "Dinner".
In fact, unlike Night or Dawn, this film doesn't carry any suspense on who the survivors will be. You can already guess going into it blindly who the dead meat are. But that doesn't detract from how well done this movie is.

One huge leap from Dawn to Day is the make-up effects. In Dawn the zombies looked like people with green make-up on them, nothing special, but I gave that a pass. In this movie however, the make-up effects are phenomenal. The zombies really do look like rotting corpses brought back to life. Faces gnarled, flesh deteriorating, for the most part it really does look very impressive.

Also, much like with Dawn, I like the tactic of survival. It's a group divided mainly into the soldiers and the workers held up in an underground bunker. Every man has a job and an already established way of living. While almost every character is nearly batshit insane, they still feel important.

This time around, we go further into the minds of these walking flesh eaters to see just what makes them tick. How do they function? Can they be rehabilitated and made to walk among the living again? These are all questions asked throughout and it is very interesting to see just how these creatures develop speech and remember such things as reading, making a call and various other things.

Day of the Dead, like many third installments in a franchise, isn't as good as the first two, but it's still leaps and bounds better than most third installments.

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