The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

If I made a list of my favorite sub-genres, buddy cop movies would be in my top five. And The Nice Guys would be in my top five favorite buddy cop movies.

One of the reasons I saw this movie in the theater was because it's directed by Shane Black, the director of one of my all time favorite movies, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. The reason Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is one of my favorites is because it has some of the best writing I've seen in a movie. The mystery was intriguing, the jokes were great and it had memorable performances from two great actors. Which is exactly how I'd describe The Nice Guys. It's like if you mixed Freebie and the Bean with Boogie Nights.

A funky soundtrack, great rapid fire jokes, intense action, did I mention the funky-as-hell soundtrack? The Temptations, The Bee Gees, Al Green, Kool & the Gang, even a little love for Earth, Wind and Fires.

This movie is flawlessly seventies. And as someone who loves most everything the seventies had to offer (including The Village People), this was a glorious homage. Everywhere I looked there were little nods to Jaws 2, Smokey and the Bandit, The Rockford Files and The Waltons. Minor things you have to look for, but the fact that the filmmakers thought of adding those little nuggets shows how dedicated they were to paying tribute to this decade.

I'll admit, this isn't a well structured review for The Nice Guys. I'm just gushing about what a fun time I had. I still like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang more, but only by a hair. If you like that movie you'll love this. This is that great mixture of comedy and buddy cop action that I loved about Black's previous venture into the sub-genre. I can't recommend this enough. And I suggest you watch this with friends. This is an experience you and your 70's loving friend will enjoy.

So if you had to make a list of your favorite movie genres, what would be on it?

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