The Wave ★★★★★

***My 100th Review***

When does a harmless plan to show the importance of unity and yet also a plan to show the destructive powers of a dictatorship go too far? When arrogance and conformity to fascism play a role.

The story of one man's egotism growing too great and spreading like an infection as he tries to teach a group of students the basic rules of a dictatorship. Slowly the group begins to see this project as a way of life. Bringing with it equality and a strong bond between the members of the group they call The Wave. They turn their group into a violent gang of fascists forcing outsiders to conform. If they don't, they become lepers to them.
They are brain washed so easily because they have no guidance, nobody to connect with except their teacher, who they feel understands their needs the best. They are young rebellious people who want to be a part of a revolution. They believe they are doing right in holding a strong belief that they can start this revolution that'll tear down Germany.

The is the perfect example of a horror movie that doesn't quite fit the mold of your traditional horror flicks. It's about one man's unintentional creation of something that spreads like wild fire and the fear that he can't control it. This is a brilliant use of a dark story that asks the question of if a dictatorship is still possible in the twenty first century. It delves into some dark places and taps into an all too scary truth that at any time a revolution can be sparked so easily as long as there is a leader and his willing pack of wolves.

It's sad, horrifying, fascinating and overall is an interesting view of the minds of teenagers and how power can lead to a blind sense of glory that can lead to destruction.