How Sweet It Is! ★★★

Photographer James Garner and Debbie Reynolds are happily married and have a dopey teenage son Davey to prove it. Davey wants to follow his girlfriend (who's the daughter of his dad's boss) on her all girls school trip around Europe but Debs isn't keen to let him go so she starts manipulating. She gets the wife of her hubby's boss to assign Garner to be the photographer of the girl's trip and take Davey with him as assistant. Whilst the boys are on the girls tour Debs is going to hire a house on the French Riveria that they can join her in at the end of the tour and they can finish the Summer altogether. All sounds like it'll work out well for Debs but then she goes and books the pad in France from Terry Thomas and like the cad he always plays he rips her off and she ends up in a house owned by a renowned French batchelor. How will the Summer pan out?
This is an attempt at a farce that never quite takes off, the acting is alright for the main but the script is weak. It also has one of the worst montages set to music (involving the Mona Lisa).