Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark ★★½

Hugo Stiglitz is Steve the shark hunter with an unkempt beard earning his living off a fancy yacht in Cancun. We firstly see him hook up with an American tourist and fall in love only for her to lose interest and hook up with local gigolo Miguel, she then gets eaten by the titular shark. After punching Miguel spark out in a jealous rage, the two become friends and hunt pussy together striking gold with a pair of randy young American girls who we see in the opening sequence shagging two old Mexican fellas in the back of an orange truck (the fruit, not the colour). Steve falls out with the nubile sisters when they invite a drug dealer on to his yacht so with Miguel's help they bag a new gal in the shape of Susan George. Susan forms a sausage heavy triangle of love with the two fellas and they enjoy a month of three way fun before Miguel gets eaten by the same tiger shark. Steve gets in a funk mourning Miguel until the horny American sisters from an hour earlier in the film show up again but just as he's about to go balls deep again one of the sisters gets eaten by that blasted tiger shark causing Steve to seek revenge once and for all.
At over two hours long you have to either really like cruelty to underwater animals or really like bouncing titties to get through this film.

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