Marty ★★★

Marty is a good film but it's far from great. I'm not really sure how it won the Best Picture Oscar (and became the first American film to win the Palm d'Or at Cannes) because there's nothing special about it. Borgnine does a convincing job in the lead role, as a mid-30's bachelor who works as a butcher and still lives with his mother. Borgnine plays Marty as sincere and genuine, and he's all too aware of his non-marital status. The story builds to the point that you really want Marty to find someone and, when he finally does and no one likes her because she isn't beautiful, we still root for a happy ending for the couple. A good watch, but, like I said, nothing too special.

Also, I find it sad that Borgnine passed away today, the day after I watched his Oscar-winning performance, may he rest in peace.