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  • Leap



    Seen at: MCL Grand Kornhill, Hong Kong

    Peter Chan is a shrewd businessman, and he’s only uncompromising to people he pays to fulfill his vision.

    It’s clear that the final version of LEAP is a product of compromises - half the lines aren’t even said on-screen, and all the Chinese characters who’s not on the 2016 China Women’s Volleyball team don’t seem to have names because of what Chinese netizens call “external forces” (it’s rumored that complaints by people portrayed…

  • The Paper Tigers

    The Paper Tigers


    Fun and mildly clever comedy that knows how to keep things light and stay respectful of its subject matter. The bad Cantonese is hilarious.

    But, uh, kung fu people never say "beimo" before a fight.

    Credit where credit's due, Sean Gilman's review did make me wonder if the filmmakers watched Gallants.