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  • Are We Not Cats

    Are We Not Cats


    More often than not a bit self-consciously weird for it’s own good and certainly lacking a great deal of meat on its diseased bones but plenty effective as a trashy psychic freak-out in purest form. The whole thing just oozes grimy, colorful rhythm and as such it’s rarely genuinely boring for too long - additionally, it’s refreshing to see a film that approaches fetishism and nastiness from somewhat of an empathetic point of view. Perhaps it revels in more than…

  • Upgrade



    Pure cinematic wildfire. Ends up being almost as thoughtful as it is gleefully absurd, with Whannel displaying exceptional restraint in terms of exploring the film's anatomical obsessions without ever getting ahead of himself, and his aesthetic devotion to the pervading darkness of this whole beautifully mad thing more or less elevates it beyond the realm of marginally engaging sleaze. Additionally, in an over-saturated market full of Black Mirrors and insufferable Black Mirror wannabes, it's a bit of a blessing to…

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  • I Drink Your Blood

    I Drink Your Blood


    "What does it do, that L-whatever-you-call-it?"

    An American Classic. David Durston was fuckin' ON TO SOMETHING. In my alternate universe this is the movie that white people love instead of Forrest Gump.

  • Ratcatcher



    Lynne Ramsay understands children. By setting her marvelous debut in Glasgow during the national garbage strike of the mid-1970's, the writer-director ensures that not one of the city's wayward youth has it easy. Many grow up too fast, become sexual deviants, and treat those who refuse to mature at their inappropriately rapid pace as playthings. Such is the case with James, the endearing protagonist, who in spite of all the grime and cruelty of the times is able to look…