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  • Ratcatcher
  • Conspirators of Pleasure
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  • Showgirls

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  • The Beyond


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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    nothin’ quite like it, whether we’re talkin’ strictly Fulci’s back catalogue alone or the international horror genre on a whole. total doomer Grand Guignol, a diabolical black hole of a film that swallows every (unintentional?) camp sensibility and implication of good taste/sense in its wake. 

    something like an atheist’s dying dream, although the maestro still had another decade or so left in him after the fact. there’s a real urgency to its textured horrors that’s just intoxicating, however ridiculous and…

  • Squirm



    still slaps so hard. been watching so many indistinct contemporary creature movies that we’d almost forgot how smoothly a good one can go down when it’s got a little (or more) character on its side.

    it’s sweaty southern fried gothic domestic drama with all the quirky personalities that you might expect, but with the added benefit of having hordes (oceans, even) of bloodthirsty worms in the final reel. to say that this delivers after a relatively slow build-up is an…

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  • Ratcatcher



    Lynne Ramsay understands children. By setting her marvelous debut in Glasgow during the national garbage strike of the mid-1970's, the writer-director ensures that not one of the city's wayward youth has it easy. Many grow up too fast, become sexual deviants, and treat those who refuse to mature at their inappropriately rapid pace as playthings. Such is the case with James, the endearing protagonist, who in spite of all the grime and cruelty of the times is able to look…

  • I Drink Your Blood

    I Drink Your Blood


    "What does it do, that L-whatever-you-call-it?"

    An American Classic. David Durston was fuckin' ON TO SOMETHING. In my alternate universe this is the movie that white people love instead of Forrest Gump.