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  • Missing Link

    Missing Link


    occasionally drags just a tad and the humor is (perhaps by design) hit-or-miss but even “minor” Laika is going to be positively delightful from beginning to end and this is exactly that; an enthralling cross-continental canvas of dense folk imagery and with a couple of genuinely well-executed set pieces to boot. Plus, it’s got death by falling icicle, an encounter with Nessie shrouded in a psychedelic pink haze, and the incomparable duo of Matt Lucas and David Walliams. 

    light as a feather and about as big-hearted as they come. Hard not to be completely seduced by its charms, both aesthetic and otherwise.

  • Bliss



    Best when it's just having tons of fun aping Noe, kind of amusing (though eventually monotonous) as an old school splatter film, significantly less enthralling whenever Begos lets his hollow husks of characters speak for too long. Starts (really) strong but falls back on cornball Snorricam antics when it should be setting up and exploring some semblance of an internal mythology; still, it's a huge aesthetic leap for the director and as such it's never anything less than intoxicating where…

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  • Ratcatcher



    Lynne Ramsay understands children. By setting her marvelous debut in Glasgow during the national garbage strike of the mid-1970's, the writer-director ensures that not one of the city's wayward youth has it easy. Many grow up too fast, become sexual deviants, and treat those who refuse to mature at their inappropriately rapid pace as playthings. Such is the case with James, the endearing protagonist, who in spite of all the grime and cruelty of the times is able to look…

  • I Drink Your Blood

    I Drink Your Blood


    "What does it do, that L-whatever-you-call-it?"

    An American Classic. David Durston was fuckin' ON TO SOMETHING. In my alternate universe this is the movie that white people love instead of Forrest Gump.