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  • The Glass Slipper

    The Glass Slipper


    Very cute and charming, with ballet dream sequences and offbeat characters- especially the “fairy godmother” figure.

  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    Zombie violence, catchy musical numbers, and a healthy dose of humor- what else could you need for a holiday film? A wild and enjoyable concept, though I do sort of wish the actual zombies had shown up just a little earlier.

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  • The Innocents

    The Innocents


    Happy 57th anniversary to a classic spooky story filled with gothic trappings.

  • Suspiria



    Since I adore the original and had seen it many times, I was curious to see what would happen with this. 

    The style, the costumes, the setting are all as graceful and cold and well suited for the story. Further delving into the mythology of the Three Sisters (as someone who has seen Inferno and Mother of Tears several times as well) and understanding more of who and what Suspiriorim is was what I wanted and needed most from this.…