Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★★

Not really knowing what to expect but coming in to this with high expectations (I don't know why but I had heard good things and probably hoped for the best!), Spring Breakers was an exceptionally lucid, dark and subversive piece of work.

An opening sequence that plays on all the trashy cliches of the genre, the film immediately immerses you in it's stylized frame that lends more from Apocalypse Now and Requiem for a Dream than it does American Pie and 21 and Over.

Franco, as the only real actor of note, is great and the four female leads are also exceptional.

Pacing is fun and despite the Fear and Loathing style frequent dips in tone, it finds a way of holding your attention throughout, be it through the trippy, snappy visuals or through the exploitative nature of some of its content.

Spring Breakers is a difficult film to classify and that may be why I liked it so much. It dares to be different in an ocean where everything tends to be the same. Another film that comes to mind when thinking of where to place Spring Breakers would be 2011's "Detention" (which I also loved). Taking the formulaic and finally producing a social commentary that feels modern, fresh and relevant. Not just a social commentary, but also a post modern look at genre films and how the social networking generation lives and loves.

If I had watched this sooner, it would have made my top 10 for the year. Aside from the fact that it is brave and different, this is a surreal and hypnotic journey through generation X's continuing detachment from society and a wry subversive commentary on modern attitudes to conformity, all framed around a Vietnam war style acid trip featuring tits, guns, drugs, booty and more gold teeth than you need for a lifetime.

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