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  • Halloween



    The best horror movie of my generation. I know this is not the best movie in the Halloween franchise because that title belongs to the original but this is my favourite and what I think is the best movie of the franchise. The perfect amount of nostalgia mixed with the perfect amount of freshness. The score is truly perfect(Thank you John). The cinematography is perfect. The acting is perfect. The story is perfect but the one thing that throws me…

  • R.I.P.D.



    It’s a good movie. The acting and plot carries. The CGI is subpar but you can look past it. Other then that it’s a solid movie I totally recommend!

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  • Loki



    I will be updating this review every week as new episodes come out

    Week 1
    Wow just wow. This first episode took my breath away. It was cool yet sad yet mesmerizing. I really hope this series stays consistent.

    Week 2
    Another cool episode. I really like the dynamic Morbius and Loki have and how this Loki is starting to form into his Ragnorock/Infinity war self. Second episode was very good

  • Jigsaw


    This movie is laughably horrible. It’s the only Saw movie I got the chance to see in theatres and it’s still horrible. I just don’t get how they can mess up a franchise with one shitty movie. Man I hope Spiral is better and redeems Jigsaw. Overall this movie is horse shit.