Woman at War ★★★★

Woman at war is one of the strongest and most creative movies of the year. I really hope this gets a wide release in the US because I do think this movie deserves more attention.

This movie has quite an unique style and I'm not going to lie, during the first 20 minutes I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it because of it. But the style grew on me pretty quickly and it does complement the movie in a satisfying way.

The characters are pretty good, the main character is very likeable and near the end I did end up caring for her. And most of the other characters are well written and quircky.

I have one big issue with the movie, my main problem is the twin sister character, she's fine as a character but I wish we saw more of her or at the very least has more interactions with the main character. It hurts the film because the main character (without spoiling too much) has to make a choice near the end and I feel like the scene would of worked better if they just developed the twin sister.

Even if it's not a perfect movie, I would still recommend this movie, it's very well shot, the acting is great, the characters are well written and the soundtrack is done in a unique way.

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