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  • Thief



    This is a great film. It’s also a film that’s soundtrack elevates it as well. It would be easy for this soundtrack to have dated but there’s something brilliant about it and it is heavily used throughout. Love this film more every time I watch it.

  • Super Troopers 2

    Super Troopers 2


    This was fun enough and although it’s not that good I quite like the fact a film like this is at the cinema. It was kind of like one of those average but fun 80s or 90s comedies that we don’t see so much these days. It had a few laughs and never takes itself seriously. I was the only person in the cinema watching it as well and that’s always a plus! Peace and quiet in my own big cinema!

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  • Hereditary



    Third of today’s treble bill. Saved the best best for last as well.

    When I first saw the trailer for this I thought it looked like another one of those cheap jump scare films which are lazy but can be fun sometimes. 

    This was certainly not one of those films. It’s a really well made, well written horror that does that thing that not many horrors do these days and gets under your skin in a very creepy way. Think…

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    Just noticed this is my 2000th review on here. Quite pleased it is kind of a special one as well. My wee 5 year old daughter loves all the Jurassic Park/world films and this is the first film she has been hassling me about going to see.  I had taken the day off work and we watched the first one and played some Jurassic Park Lego on the PlayStation. We then went out for lunch and I told her would…