Bruno v Tyson

Bruno v Tyson ★★★★★

Brilliant trip down memory lane with this. I remember as a kid getting to stay up late and watch a lot of Frank Bruno fights. He was such a big character back in the day and a great boxer too. I still remember when he wobbled Tyson in their first contest and for a brief moment thinking he could do the unthinkable. Tyson was incredible and for a good while he looked unbeatable and was in his prime during the first contest. 

The documentary does a good job showing what it meant to both of them and also showed the sacrifices they made. It was also sad seeing the downfalls afterwards as well. It highlighted to me how these guys need help during their careers and even more afterwards. Seeing the two of them as older men and the respect they had for each other brought a lump to the throat. Both are boxing hero’s in my eyes but seriously flawed out of the ring. A fascinating insight into boxing back in the 80s.