Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ★★★★

Just noticed this is my 2000th review on here. Quite pleased it is kind of a special one as well. My wee 5 year old daughter loves all the Jurassic Park/world films and this is the first film she has been hassling me about going to see.  I had taken the day off work and we watched the first one and played some Jurassic Park Lego on the PlayStation. We then went out for lunch and I told her would go and see if there was anything on at the cinema. Had the tickets and just walked straight in. She still had no clue as to what we were seeing as the trailers rolled. The film started and she looked a bit bored. Then a dinosaur appeared on screen and her face lit up. She turned to me with a big grin and asked if it was the fallen kingdom. She then sat with a fixed grin all the way through and handled the scares no bother. Fair to say we had a great time watching this together and it’s a wee reminder of how wonderful the cinema can be. 

The film itself had a tremendous first half and the second half didn’t really match it. As the first World film mirrored the original Park film this one certainly did the same to the lost world. The first half was fairly spectacular with some great fun set pieces and visuals with the volcanic backdrop adding to the spectacle. I did find the second half suffered from being in the same claustrophobic space but had some good wee moments though. 

It’s a good blend of characters in there and it made for a real fun time at the cinema. I’ll give the film 4 stars but the look on my kids face throughout is an easy 5 stars!

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