Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★

Firstly, did anyone else notice how much Alden Ehrenreich sounded like Luke Skywalker when he shouted? It was really weird and uncanny.

I was a bit worried about this going into it with what I had heard but I cleared my mind of that and went in trying my best to enjoy it like the young Star Wars fan version of me would. Sadly as it went it just kind of felt like a cheap Star Wars Knock-off. It wasn't very well made and was a bit all over the place. I suppose that was to be expected to a certain degree with its troubled production.

It just didn't have the grand scale of any of the others and felt a bit claustrophobic in many of the scenes. The film looked dull and dark aesthetically although that may be the cinemas fault. Not sure I ever felt Alden Ehrenreich was Han Solo either. Not sure about Paul B as the bad guy as there wasn't much to his character.

There was some fun to be had in there with some nice ideas and the cast tried hard. Some nice creature designs as well at points.

One good thing is that it has made me appreciate all the other films in the series. For all the flaws they have, every single one of them seems to have been made by someone that really cared about them. This one didn't have that feel for me.

Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come on a conveyor belt of Star Wars films. Please let it be just a blip. It wasn't a terrible film, just a very poor Star Wars one.

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