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  • Death Wish

    Death Wish


    Seemingly love-him or hate-him director Roth makes his first movie (from another writer) worthy of neither love nor hate.

  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill


    One of those movies that has got so much going for it, that it stumbles here and there and ultimately just doesn't quite hit the mark makes it feel like more of a disappointment than perhaps it really is.

    So, until I can reconcile these feelings, I am doomed to haunt the ashen streets and murky corridors of Gans' SILENT HILL every few years, torn between two worlds. Better that then to be hideously fragmented and crippled with hatred, I suppose.

    In other news, is it any wonder that a town abandoned in 1974 should have shitty phone reception?


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  • Time Bandits

    Time Bandits


    This movie is rated M

    ...for fucking MIDGETS!!!

  • Wife's Sexual Fantasy Before Husband's Eyes

    Wife's Sexual Fantasy Before Husband's Eyes


    Fairly routine "pinku eiga" but worth watching just so you can have the goofy/lurid title in your Letterboxd viewing diary and let everyone know that you're a slobbering pervert.