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  • The Assassin

    The Assassin


    I had to digest this one a bit... this is a movie about sincerity and loyalty. Or rather, how the lack of both will leave you adrift through the world, helpless to the whims of the others you were foolishly piggybacking on to keep you afloat in high society.

    Marcello Mastroianni plays Alfredo, a crooked antiques dealer turned social climber who'll happily cut whatever corners he needs in order to come out ahead. After a rich girlfriend of his is…

  • Gothic



    I went on the SPALL TALK Podcast to talk about this movie and a variety of things! Check it out! 

    As a briefer summary I’ll say this is basically like going to a party where all of your friends are high but you’re sober and then listening to them all cry and laugh for two hours. It’s got its amusing moments, it’s touching moments, but mostly it’s kind of bland. I did however really like the last half hour, where…

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  • Zodiac



    I keep thinking this poster is an artful suggestion of a man's torso and the little lights on the bridge cables are nipples

  • The 10th Victim

    The 10th Victim


    Uh holy shit, instant classic. Amazing 60s future outfits, Jazz men on cubes, a Bureau of Murder, beautiful sites in Rome, spikey boob guns, a glass house full of paper mache figures cause ‘future art,’ Marcello Mastroianni with a bad haircut but still lookin' fine, Ursula Andress in Barbie pink booty cleavage pants, a fully choreographed and televized execution.... What DOESNT this movie have?!?!

    Never mind Austin Powers, Putting bets on the fact this shit influenced Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange in…