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  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Kingsman: The Secret Service


    When this came out I couldn't get far enough away from the posters of this movie even. It looked SO SO bad I swore I would never lay eyes upon it. And then the dreaded my-friend-came-over-and-was-like-omg-you-gotta-watch-this-and-I-couldnt-say-no situation happened. And I won't lie........... it wasn't exactly better than I anticipated but it definitely was more interesting than I expected.

    The story itself is totally insane but, to its credit, it never pretends its not insane. There's a lot of really bizarre…

  • The Imposter

    The Imposter


    This made me angry but the doc itself was skillfully done and totally engaging.
    I just don't get like how there could be sO MUCH incompetence at SO MANY LEVELS. I don't blame the family fooling themselves into believing this kid, I think grief and craziness and true belief can do a loooot of things to a person, but the fact that multiple law enforcement all the way up to interpol people could be SO SO stupid about this!?!? The…

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  • Zodiac



    I keep thinking this poster is an artful suggestion of a man's torso and the little lights on the bridge cables are nipples

  • Solaris



    Saw the new restoration at Lincoln Center and boy, did my perception of this movie change on my second viewing. I remember it being very depressing and slow the first time around. This time around it came off as far more cynical (and slow. some things aint change).

    A psychiatrist who can't connect emotionally, finds peace in a world that he pollutes with his thoughts. The manifestations on this planet are less tragic and more an involuntary defense mechanism, that…