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  • My Pal Trigger

    My Pal Trigger


    Man this is WAY more manipulative than I expected. I was hoping this was going to be just a good ol' singing cowboy horse dancing kinda flick and instead it goes from sweet horse innocence to mean make-your-kids-cry in like 20 seconds!

    This movie is about how Roy Roger gets Trigger, so in that sense it's sort of worth the watch. But it starts with sweet horse romance, complete with a scene of horse line dancing, and ends with HORSE…

  • Tears of the Black Tiger

    Tears of the Black Tiger


    Surpisingly sad, perfectly stylized and amazingly catchy music. What more do you need?

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  • The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz


    Excellent concert, well shot footage, great band, great guests, amusing yet obviously stilted anecdotes in between. Levon Helm hated Robbie Robertson for ending The Band because he thought the only reason behind its end was the pure egotistical desire to go out in a flame of glory - that's pretty overtly on display here, seeing Roberston interact with the camera/rest of the band. But again, the performances are so wonderful it's such a damn joy to watch anyhow.

    My favorite…

  • Joe Versus the Volcano

    Joe Versus the Volcano


    I loved the very MTV-esque art direction in this and how the world is super stylized but only enough that it still feels eerily familiar. I also liked the simplicity of this, a great balance of laugh out loud humor and touching life-is-beautiful moments. Definitely one of the best of the '90s and was probably a breath of fresh air to see coming out of the '80s...