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  • Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice


    This is a movie about four grown ass people who have no idea what they're doing or how to do it. A portrait of people desperately trying to defy their own expectations of themselves and prove that the boundaries are only in their minds. But.... life isn't actually that black and white. There's more to life, more shades of gray between walking the line and crossing it. And some boundaries exist in part because others have gone down the same…

  • Divorce Italian Style

    Divorce Italian Style


    I had been avoiding this because the description sounded so obnoxious and depressing but this movie totally rocked. Between Mastroianni's amazing character acting, beautiful and clever camerawork, excellent plot structure, excellent editing, and a really wicked sense of humor this totally deserves the hype.

    They could have also called this movie Contradictions On Parade: Sicilian Style. I mean, there's the fact that the only way to get out of marriage is basically murder. And how men are meant to protect…

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  • The Gay Deceivers

    The Gay Deceivers


    How did this get made and why is it readily available on Amazon Prime? The world may never know. But I know it was enjoyable as heck to watch and for all of its campy 60s stereotypes it’s also pretty brazenly subversive. Both in its male gaze affixed on men (there’s multiple scenes where the camera highlights butts and muscles, even one scene where a woman takes her top off but we only see her from behind and then when…

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    I love this damn movie. Actually it slightly worries me how much I love this damn movie but I cannot tell a lie, I love everything about this movie. A movie that perpetually shocks and makes you laugh out loud. A movie that teaches a tale of morality in the absolutely hardest way possible and makes you question how moral morality is. 

    I watched this at The Metrograph and this time around ( I can’t remember what number viewing this…

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  • Zodiac



    I keep thinking this poster is an artful suggestion of a man's torso and the little lights on the bridge cables are nipples

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    What the hell???????? First off, Martin McDonagh has never been to rural America and if he has, he's never spoken to a single person there. Also he clearly didn't get a beer there because no goddamn dive bar would ever serve an $8 beer in rural Missouri. That's New York City prices. It's also clear from the poorly written dialogue, which is unrealistic and bizarre – they all talk like inner city chavs but with southern accents. Americans don't banter…