Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

Wow. I need to see this again. I have to read this book.

Gone Girl is the perfect story for Fincher - a director who revels in suspense, as well as social satire.

Here he implements both here perfectly. He provides a biting critique on modern gender roles in society and also criticizes the media's manipulation of public opinion. He does this all while telling a twisty narrative that is engaging and unpredictable.

Flynn's sharp and often funny dialogue, as well as her genius plot twists are what really make this movie great. The use of Amy's diary as a storytelling device is brilliant. The film is structured in a way that makes the audience question every detail and also gives the audience a glimpse inside the mind of a desperate psychopath who also happens to be a genius.

Both Pike and Affleck are great. Doogie Howser is creepy as hell and Madea makes a great lawyer. Also, Reznor's score lacks the sexiness of his work on The Social Network, but it is extremely unsettling and deeply effective.

The ending may piss some people off, but I thought it was fantastic. Gone Girl is a a mix of trash and elegance, and a marriage of twisted darkness and blinding light. In fewer words: A bloody masterpiece.

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