I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★½

I enjoyed the fact that the filmmaker, uses the 16:9 aspect ratio it certainly added to the tension and created an atmosphere of fear. It's as if you're boxed in this cage and there's no point you can escape. I love Toni Collete here, her character made me anxious. lol.

Odd is something that was repeatedly mentioned in this movie, and oddly, odd is something that can greatly describe this film. The oddity is the language of this film. It's odd how this movie introduced itself as a thriller but it didn't use violence to induced an air of anxiety. It's odd how this movie can make you think at the end. It's odd how this film will make you think how figuring out our existence can be so frightening. This film dwells on how regrets can be truly horrifying. That life itself is the real thriller. This movie focuses on how we tell ourselves lies to alleviate our pain.

So young people out there enjoy your life rn. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to regret it than live in a memory you wished you could have live. :'(

Overall I enjoyed this, there are just some conversations that felt flat but the movie is fascinating.

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