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  • Breaking Fast

    Breaking Fast


    so grateful for the existance of this fun romcom centreing on a gay muslim man during ramadan. mo's family is accepting of his sexuality, and he's able to confidently defend his faith to the gay community and vice versa. but past that novelty, what makes this movie great is that mo’s utopic relationship to his faith/family/sexuality is never treated as normal; contrasted with the lives of his fellow gay muslim friends who are not as blessed. the dinner table debate…

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    VERY rarely is a movie as fun, stupid and insane as it needs to be. zero questions are asked, all answers are ungraciously shoved at us, everything is expedited just to get us to the next round of violence as soon as possible. which is what we all came for! as a martial arts film it's an absolute mess riddled with questionable editing choices, but for me the gore, effects, and sheer SKILL of these actors make up for it.…

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