Room ★★★★

2015 Watches

Room is a lofty drama that resonates in an exceptionally poignant fashion. It is quaint, but the emotions on offer are loud and unabashed, and thus, it enchants easily. Brie Larson here is as good as she was in Short Term 12, and Jacob Tremblay captivates with his impactful performance, that evokes compassion and heartache from the audience. Director Lenny Abrahamson's touch is soft, his camerawork (courtesy of cinematographer Danny Cohen) minimalistic in nature, designed to feel unobtrusive, and it helps to compliment the intimacy of Emma Donoghue's screenplay. The film drifts into the realm of sappiness due to the inclusion of Stephen Rennick's dreadfully formulaic score, which flourishes at all the expected intervals. But otherwise, this is an exceptional feature which will surely beckon tears from viewers.