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  • Scream



    Showed my dad for his first time! Roughly at the hour mark, I got him to try and guess who the killer might be. His said either, Tatum, Randy or Dewey! It was so interesting seeing Scream through someone else's eyes for the very first time. Needless to say he was very surprised with who it turned out to be.

    I'm not sure how its possible to watch a movie as many times as I have watched Scream and love…

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  • TerrorVision



    Intergalactic swingers πŸ“‘πŸ‘ΎπŸ“Ί


  • Nail Gun Massacre

    Nail Gun Massacre


    This absolutely ridiculous, cheese fest, T&A filled B movie slasher, is soooo bad its entertainment value is through the roof! Corny as fuck one liners, atrociously hilarious acting and a funky music score, adds that little extra something something. Looking for a masterpiece? This ain't it. But looking for a sleazy good time, look no further! 🍿


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  • Host



    Even with its short 56 minute run time, HOST managed to give me the worst anxiety.. with a realistic approach, genuine performances, thick creepy atmosphere and some REALLY effective jump scares! This was very impressive and easily my favorite film of 2020 so far.

    This is exactly why I don't fuck with seances. πŸ•―


  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    I related to this movie on a spiritual level and lemme just say, it portrays every second of an abusive relationship so accurately. I was 100% invested in C's story from start to finish. Elisabeth Moss is absolutely phenomenal and made me feel all the feels, with her unbelievably raw performance. There was some jaw dropping moments that I definitely did not expect and some real gut punch ones as well. Some scenes were pretty hard to watch, when it…