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  • Nightbreed



    I know this is a beloved classic. It's Clive Barker. I get it. But man, this movie is just not made for me. It combines 2 things I'm not a fan of in my horror flicks; fantasy and romance, and way too much of it. I appreciate the visuals and all the practical effects, sure. But I find the story, absolutely boring and almost impossible to get through. This was my 3rd time watching the 2 hour directors cut and…

  • Satan's Blade

    Satan's Blade


    An 80s slasher so bad, its entertaining for the sole purpose of making fun of it. The funniest part is, this isnt even comedic. Its played straight forward. But the acting is so bad and the people die so horribly, you can't help but laugh.


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  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    One of my favorite zombie films. The setting is atmospheric, the music score is one of the best, the zombies look amazing, the kills are really good and the gore is plenty! Shout out to my 2 favorite (and most iconic) scenes... under water zombie vs a real shark (FUCKING EPIC) and the splinter in the eye (totally effective)! Love this Fulci film.

  • Haunt



    In the vein of 'Hell Fest' and 'The Houses October Built'; this film follows a group of friends on Halloween night, that encounter an "extreme" haunted house, that promises to feed on their darkest fears.
    This was so much more darker, brutal and gory, than the above mentioned films though. I loved the Halloween atmosphere from the start, dug the characters, loved the masked antagonists and enjoyed the ride! Its even more impressive that its a low budget flick. Its pretty much everything I look for, in a Halloween themed slasher. Definitely recommend.