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  • 1917



    1917 is a beautifully designed film with meticulous care to the craft of forming an unthinkable edited one-take film. A cheat as it is edited but that would have been an impossible feat with the genre of the film. Sam Mendes, takes a humane approach to war as two soldiers are tasked with marching their way to stopping an ambush that includes one of their brothers. A simple premise with little distracting subplots that detour the story but adds layers…

  • Shadow



    half baked reviews:
    Girlfriend: Why do you carry an umbrella everywhere you go now?
    Me: No reason.

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  • American Assassin

    American Assassin

    A young hot couple enjoys their vacation in Ibiza. Boyfriend proposes at the beach *surprise motherfucker* terrorist open fire for no apparent reason just because they are terrorists. Cue date to imply how long protagonist has trained and yearned for revenge against the terrorists. Turns out he turned into a massive dick and hates everyone and everything that doesn't go his way. CIA see him as a prime candidate to train into an assassin for America. Good choice, choose the…

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Rear Windows is my first viewing of an Alfred Hitchcock film, and it was a thrilling experience to watch it for the first time. I don't tend to watch any movies before 1990, I don't know why. The oldest movie I watched before Rear Windows was the 1976 film Rocky.

    I watched this at night by myself and I'm gonna be honest, it had me a bit scared. Imagining that someone is watching me through my window or behind me…