Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

"We ain't the predators. We're the prey."

Guy Ritchie hits the floor in 2021 with a revenge heist action hybrid of Snatch meets Heat but lose the charming brit banter and epic city wide shootout that made those films into cult classics. Jason Statham breathes the bread and butter of his lone wolf character on a violent path of destruction hellbent on revenge on the robbers murdering his son in front of his eyes. A classic tale told in many forms but still gets the form of entertainment down with good direction and set pieces as Ritchie changes the focal point of the story midway in and gives a needed change of pace as Statham's character 'H' development reaches the near end of its point by then without dragging his story out. The weakest part and biggest letdown for me was the low tier banter that usually is the best part of Ritchie's work but only comes out flat like a bunch of teenage hormonal jocks with lost brain cells cracking jokes to fill the void of silence when really I wanted to hear the awesome score.

Wrath of Man is the enjoyable mindless action film it needs to be, even if the heist part was the more interesting aspect of the film. If you enjoy a dope repeatedly used composed score, shootouts, Post Malone baddie role, Statham in a cotton cardigan, and former leading man heartthrob Josh Hartnett in a throwaway role. This is right down your alley.

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