Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf ★★★

"You know, if I was to bring this battle of the wits down to direct insults, I'd say you were one of the most cold-blooded, scheming women I've ever met in my life!"
"You've already said that."

There's nothing terribly original about Cry Wolf's thrills, nor do I see many sparks between the film's stars, but heck, I'm not going to turn down a chance to watch Barbara Stanwyck as a 40-year-old Nancy Drew, Errol Flynn as an aristocrat (often hiding in a mysterious laboratory) who wears a pair of sweet specs and Helene Thimig as a sinister housekeeper, right?

As a Warner Brothers devotee, I see more than a few similarities to another of the studio's murder-dramas from '47, The Unsuspected, but this Peter Godfrey-directed feature felt just a bit more fun, albeit ridiculous. All in all, a decent time at the movies and, I must say, miles better than Godfrey's other Stanwyck vehicle made for WB that year, The Two Mrs. Carrolls.

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